Honest: Be, Gat Damnit!

In the words of one of the greatest spoken word icons to walk the earth, we read: “she got a big booty so I call her big booty”. Following in the footsteps of legends, aspiring spoken word great Young M.A follows up: “word to Skype how I see it is how I call it”.

By now you get the point. And if you don’t, this is it: just be freaking honest. Call it like it is.

If a rapper, who are generally known to make audaciously false claims about their finances, trapping and capping can “call it like it is” and be honest then you have no excuse to not ‘call it like it is’ you bloody uncreative boring being. Yes you!

I am never able to understand why people tell lies or are dishonest especially when they have nothing to lose. Beats me everytime. It defies logic when an individual chooses to be dishonest just to derive momentary satisfaction thereby overlooking the impending consequences of his/her actions and forgoing the possibly long lasting larger benefits that will otherwise have come with being honest in the first place, you know.

“she got a big booty so I call her big booty”- 2Chainzzzz

In a business environment this could be dangerous, disastrous even. Especially for start-ups. In my case, we have experienced push back with regards to schedule and capital reserve burn out. Both can cause major setbacks. This can also doom a venture even before it starts.

The unending debate about whether or not it is possible to be completely honest in a business environment is irrelevant and unnecessary. Yes you can! For the most part,

Over the last few weeks that I have been setting up my company, mostly doing paper work, hiring people and setting up operations, I have experienced two MAJOR setbacks that could have been avoided. This has caused a major schedule issue for us as we have not even started we are already a full month behind schedule and don’t even have a proposed start date anymore. This is as a result of one of my consultant and contractors being dishonest and overlooking details. Details of materials to be supplied to us through a private supplier were not finalized (Pricing and logistics details). We had weeks earlier established in a strategy meeting that this had been finalized. A government supply will take weeks to process. I fired both them niggas on the spot when I found out ! I don’t function well with dishonest people. I have learned very critical lessons about my management style from this experience which I am still getting used to. More recently, I am beginging to fully understand that people come from different backgrounds and require varying methods and techniques of approach and handling. There is however no different techniques or methods to truth. The truth is the truth.

A whole case can be made out of why we should stay away from being dishonest. It will however be dishonest to say that it is possible to be honest 100% of the time. That is a bit far from the truth. However, for as much as it depends on you, always endeavor to tell the truth so you don’t crash my company and I don’t fire you in my Donald Trump voice.

“There is however no different techniques or methods to truth. The truth is the truth’’ — Trust