is designed to provide insight into the trust relationships between users and allow users to make informed decisions in both the complex online ecosystem and day-to-day life. Trust, however, isn’t static — trust flows between individuals and groups.

How does TrustSearch quantify and incorporate the fluid nature of trust when assessing Trust Score and presenting trust data?

TrustSearch’s “Transitive Trust” feature is a unique solution to the problems presented by dynamic trust relationships.

Transitive Trust is a dynamic trust rating that provides Trust Search users with an easy to understand representation of the trust relationship between themselves and any…

It’s no secret that major tech industry players often subsume or outright clone popular or promising features or apps from innovators.

Facebook, for example, has made several multi-billion dollar advances on popular social media app Snapchat, with Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel declining offers of up to $3 billion from Facebook since 2013. Undeterred, Facebook subsequently launched two Snapchat clones — Slingshot and Bolt — before settling on the launch of Instagram and Facebook “story” features that duplicate Snapchat’s feature set.

Facebook’s Snapchat feature emulation has had an observable impact on Snapchat’s user base. Subsequent to Facebook’s “story” feature launch in…

Trust is completely free — and yet at the same time, it’s the thing for which you must work the hardest. Once you have it, it’s the most priceless thing you’ll ever own. Trust is measured by how we behave toward each other. Trust is the most powerful tool in the world but it is also the least exploited. TrustSearch is here to fix this!

The effects of fraud

Scams can be extremely lucrative. According to the Consumer Sentinel network, 1 in 5 people lost money because of Imposter Scams in 2018. …

Screenshot of the homepage

Dear TrustUnion community,

It’s a brand new month and we are excited to share the new with you all. The goal of this latest rebranding effort is to better convey our goals and what we stand for, as well as to provide our readers with a better experience and attract more visitors.

While content and web address remain the same, a lot of changes were made with improvements to design and navigation. We’ll still be tweaking it and adding more features in the coming weeks. If you haven’t been to our website recently, now’s the time! Go take a…

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. Andy Warhol’s prophecy took shape with the advent of the Internet. But, do we really own our private lives if we consent to share chunks of it on social media?

We love to think of ourselves as creatures of utmost rationality. The truth is, I believe our irrationality is what makes us fundamentally different from other creatures. Just think for a moment about the forces that shape our choices in life. …

Our team was present at the Blockchain event organized by CoinAdvice in early March in Thailand. Over 1500 people joined to meet the CEOs and founders of the world’s biggest companies, the most promising new startups on blockchain technology and influential investors. The video below features many interviews with speakers and exhibitors, presenting their vision for the TrustUnion project.

Watch video:

Giovanni Di Noto, CTO & Chairman at CloudyBoss:

“On the area of social accounting, having an element of measur as trust is absolutely fundamental. You guys have done the job, I think it’s fantastic. Let’s face it, there…

In an important move for the branding part of the project, we have signed a new partnership with branding agency CryptoGang. We will develop the branding vision for TrustUnion in order to highlight our ambitions through the TrustUnion brand, which will become emblematic of the confidence in the new economy – that is, the economy of trust and the economy of sharing.
CryptoGang has worked on various important projects with clients such as Blockchain Valley Ventures, Bussmann Advisory and Entreprise-Grade Security Solution.

What is branding?
Branding is about presenting the image of the company. It’s the methods and means put in…

We are happy to congratulate our CEO and co-founder, Mathias Valon (@MathiasValon) for being named as one of Crypto Weekly’s 50 must-follow journalists covering crypto and blockchain.

Mathias is a serial entrepreneur who has developed and operated seven successful companies around the world. He has worked in the technology sector for more than 15 years. Mathias is a trust and innovation researcher, an ICOBench blogger and a member of the the AFGC. He also holds diplomas in Expert Technologists Blockchain and Blockchain Business Solutions, obtained in the United States in 2018.

On behalf of everyone at TrustUnion, we’re extremely proud…

Virtually all markets rely on trust at a fundamental level. Even basic cash transactions for goods and services rely on trust — consumers trust that retailers and sellers are trustworthy enough to offer goods that meet quality standards. The growing digital sharing economy is far more dependent on trust than traditional markets, and allows users to play the role of both service provider and consumer at the same time on a peer-to-peer basis.

The sharing economy is highly disruptive but relies on a centralized, slow-moving trust management system that prevents individuals from managing or accessing their own trust data. TrustUnion…

My partner and I went to many conferences last year, and when the time came to present TrustUnion to an audience, two main comparisons kept coming back. The first is the epic Nosedive episode from a Netflix series called “Black Mirror” (Season 03 episode 01). The second is the controversial Chinese Social Credit System that surfaced recently. Our readers may have heard a lot about both polarizing subjects.

Both comparisons have a strong link between them but none with our project. We, the TrustUnion team, want to make this point loud and clear. I am therefore writing this article to…


A revolutionary blockchain protocol to transform real life trust into the first digital, unfakeable trust. Stay TUNed!

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