2 Steps to Becoming a Social Media Mogul

In todays world we want everything in an instant. Whether it’s information, growth, money, or success no one wants to work day after day and have to wait for it. This mindset that everything should happen in a blink of an eye has effected the way we approach our work and has hindered our ability to be strategic.

In this day and age everyone assumes they can be an internet sensation. They think all they need is that one post that blows up and they’ll be set for the rest of their lives. Here’s the thing, think of the first viral video you ever watched… Whether it was someone making a crazy trick shot or pranking their parents, more than likely you haven’t heard of them since. In fact the only video you’ve seen of their’s is probably the one that went viral. We don’t know about you but at Trusy we want our success on social media to last. We want post after post to bounce around the internet like a beach ball at Coachella. So how do you do this? Well you’ll need to do two things.

1. Be patient.

Patience is the foundation of anyone who has ever had continuous success on social media. They approached their content creation process knowing that it will take time to grow a following. They didn’t sit down and try to come up with ideas and think “This time next week I’ll have a million subscribers on YouTube.” Growing a following that is loyal to you takes time. And by takes time we don’t mean a month or two. We mean however long it takes. So come up with your strategy and get to it. Post day after day for months (maybe even years) and try to connect with just one new person each day. Cherish every single person who takes time to read your content and make them feel special while you’re waiting for your following to grow more. Every second of someones time that they give to you is a gift so treat it that way.

You must celebrate the small victories when playing the long game.

2. Work harder than anyone else.

If you’re going to become an internet sensation it is going to take tons of hard work and grit. You must be willing to post multiple times everyday and constantly come up with new content. Don’t allow discouragement to creep in when no one is responding to your content, sit back and work to adjust your strategy and keep posting. Social media is all about staying the course. Day after day, month after month keep posting until you find what resonates with your target audience. Stay up late, get up early, and constantly research trends. Do these things and you will put yourself in a position to succeed. Keep at it and eventually your hard work will pay off, and you will begin to see the fruits of your labor. Creativity and an insatiable desire to succeed are the foundation that will allow you to grow your platform. If you can keep these things in the forefront of your mind you will succeed.

So get to it. Stay patient, work hard, and don’t get discouraged. You can do it and if you need some help getting started comment below, we’d love to help.

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