Ambarish Paralikkar (or Paralikar as per his passport), please note according to convenience & platform he’s manipulating the surname changes

Except for Ambarish no one knows this man FULLY, but in the last few months he has been exposed and some truth has surfaced which concludes he’s a con artist & a Sociopath. He is calculating and manipulative, no feelings for anyone except himself & what he benefits from.

His confidence is soaring & he boasts way too much about his travels / people he knows / etc but 90% is all bullshit. He is definitely not mentally ill nor delusional. He is convincing & plays his cards out well targeting his next moves/victim. He is totally unreliable, you could be dying sick & he will not take responsibility if not beneficial to him. He lies very convincingly.

He comes across trustworthy and can look anybody (including God) in the eye and tell barefaced lies. He loves control, will control how you behave, who you speak too, what you do with your life, of course one will think he cares but not to be blinded, he knows exactly why he excepts these things from you, its a game plan, its his benefit. Presently he has a few legal cases on him today in multiple countries.

So here is more about Ambarish Paralikkar/Paralikar

Ambarish’s parents were Dilip & Anjali Paralikar, he was born in Mumbai on 15th June 1972. He has given 2 stories to all his women
1) he is the only survivor in a car crash that happened when he was 11 on Diwali day. His father Dilip & 6 yr old sister Nina died on the spot. His mother survived & died in hospital 3 days later. His grandmother (mother’s mother) raised him in Delhi. 
2) another story he has given is that his mother committed suicide, she burned herself & father scummed injuries trying to save her & his younger brother was adopted by his uncle & he was left for his grandmother (mother’s mother to care for him)

The only truth from the above 2 stories that has been established is that he has a biological brother 6 years his junior is living in Pune, India. His brother on hearing from the few women Ambarish has coned was shocked especially with all the lies but not surprised & has blatantly proclaimed that he has nothing to do with his brother and does not wish to shed any light on his parents.

Ambarish meets all his women on dating sites, and has a track record for that (per the women we know………..we urge all women to come forward)


He met his first wife in Mumbai through in 2000 who was fresh from college. He was in a live-in relationship with her in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. The girl’s family saw through him and carried out investigations and established that he was having multiple relations and was a con man. Family tried to dissuade the girl, however, what Ambarish does best he convinced her they were mistakes & denied her families findings & they eloped & got married. In 2008, she got a study visa to UK & Ambarish hopped along with her. 
She got to know about his many women even in UK & things ended eventually due to his continuous disappearing acts. Though the marriage had ended in a few years ago he only got his divorce only last year 2016. 
Whilst, in Manchester he met another woman 9 years his senior from Wilmslow, UK. He had a live in relation with her (of course she owned her own house and a British Passport). He claimed she had cancer & she called it off cause she wanted him to move on as her life was coming to an end soon. Liar! It has since been confirmed that this lady does not have cancer & she ended the relationship because of his disappearance acts. She even had no idea that he was even married. In 2012 when his wife’s sponsorship ended & he returned to Delhi, India.
On his return, he was back on; he found a lady in Delhi and has been in an interesting relation with her since 2012. He lived with her up until he disappeared from India which was around August 2016. This lady is well aware of his philandering and continues to date to maintain relations with his for both professional and personal gains — they are known to swindle companies and this relation STILL GOING STRONG!

In Delhi, Ambarish worked at multiple companies and it is stated that he lost his jobs because of unethical malpractices. Whilst at CIM Global he claimed to his management that he needs to fly to Mumbai / US every two weeks cause his wife has cancer & needs treatment. Her family has confirmed that she does not have Cancer & is a practicing dentist in Mumbai.

Whilst in Delhi it is known that Ambarish has had multiple relations with women all met through, wined, dined them and ……….(between 2012–2015)

October 2015, he got onto he met two ladies simultaneously one from Kenya and one from America — who was the key to the door to his dreams for Green Card. So he pursued them both for professional & personal reasons & led them to a fake marriage belief. During same time he met a lady from Sweden on a work conference whom he attempted to pursue stating he would wish to settle in Sweden. This lady saw through him and shunned him off.

In 2016, things at CIM Global were not working out well, and hence he needed to prepare his exit plan and chose to make Dubai his new base. Feb 2016 through he met with a new woman from Dubai whilst lingering with the Delhi ladies, Kenya and USA women. August 2016 he moved to Dubai, and continued to date Ms Dubai. October of 2016, he met lady number 2 from Dubai but this time through a new dating site Tinder. November 2016 he met yet the third woman in UAE through

Whilst in Dubai, he was in a live in relation with two women (lady number 2 & 3) at the same time, engaged to Ms America, still in relation with Ms Delhis, pursing the first Ms Dubai and Ms Kenya

April 2017, in Dubai he was fired from his job for unethical & wrongful working behavior. Then he made his next move, to a new base.

June 2017 he married Ms America, once he figured his India; UK; Kenya and UAE stunts were exposed, to protect himself he expedited his marriage to Ms America calculatingly with enough of holidays, trips to US etc so he could pursue his dreams for Green Card.

Does he even know the meaning of love. Such is the Sociopath’s definition of love to be engaged to one, live in relations with a few, pursuing other women and etc. His true love is the US obsession of having a green card and hence the reason for this marriage as Ms America. His current victim to his so call adventure.

He’s got a so called Guru ji Mumbai, India that he takes guidance from. The so called Guru ji as per Ambarish worships black magic, tantric, etc. I wonder how come Guru ji did not see this coming & warn him & what type of Guru ji is he when he has seen through all this & even blessed Ambarish & his new too be wife in May 2017 before their wedding in June. You wonder was Ms America hoodwinked!!!
So much for us placing our trust into a person when our life belongs entirely to our creator. HE makes, he destroys, he teaches & he takes when your time is up on this earth.

Ambarish tells everyone that he owns his own houses in Delhi & New York. This man is a fraud, he owns absolutely nothing to call his own. Does not even have family to call his own even with his biological brother still alive. He lives off women and of course his multiple suitcases. Ensures his housing, meals, laundry, travel, all taken care off. He targets vulnerable women, either widowed, divorced, single, low self esteem, terminally ill, externally physically scared, etc.

Now the smart ass cause his game caught up & so many women posting articles & blogging on him, he has very conveniently hopped onto Social Media as travel blogger / photographer / holiday destination advisor to distract any future victims who might choose to google him!

Women be aware and be enlightened!

Here are all his details just in case

Name: Ambarish Dilip Paralikar/Paralikkar
Phone Numbers: +971501655426 / +919971594255 / +254729662030 / +12026027976
Email addresses: / /