A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

I would have to say Kik took this too serious and NPM was wrong. Kik could have named the module something else. Alternatively named their module what they wanted in their own repository on Github and not used NPM. We live in a world where every username, domain name, e-mail address and package name is already taken. If someone already owns the domain name kik.com you can’t tell them to give you the domain name, because you have a copyright that says you own the word Kik. If the module name is that important then buy it from them. Also if something is free and opensource, how is it infringing on copyright? If they had a messaging app that was called Kik then there is confusion and against copyright. If you have a open source library called Kik it could be anything. What if there was another large company like Facebook, Amazon, or Yahoo that had a module called Kik that had hundreds of thousands of apps using it they wouldn’t rename it.

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