Undercover at a Trump rally; Youth Pastor Shane explores the infinite abyss
Shane Morris

as much of what you do is brash, hateful, intentionally in your face (and brilliant), it’s hard to know if any of what you are sharing is true or contrived. It is easy to see all of it being true, but just as easy to see all of it being contrived. Your own lies cut into your truth, whether or not you’ve confessed them (for you have zero humility). The fact of the matter is civility (true or cloaked) and hostility (raw and layered) exists on each side. But . . . as God does exist, He can sort these matters out (through the hypocrites, racists, haters, liars and the sincere). In any of the cases, we can at least say you are not dumb or boring (foolish and fool-hearty, and perhaps very much on the wrong side of manythings, but not simple or tame). It would be good that you were not a youth pastor, Shane, but unfortunately you very darkly are.

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