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Baby Rant to New World Tech Order

PLEASE, EVER-LIVING PRETTY PLEASE! Enough with bravely saying the F-word 14 times in each article (and in the title)! Please don’t prejudice my tiny ears with every third story being about someone wondering what color they are, what color someone else thinks they are, what color they feel like, how many mattress layers of oppression one feels they are drowning under. And when did the whole world turn into HUSTLER magazine. Can we just ramp down the Alphabet-Soup number of XXX’s in an “everyhuman’s readership” arena. I’m just a kid. I want to still grow up, just like you did. And I don’t want the whole bloody playground burnt down before I get to go out and play kickball with my mates for 2 seconds. Is that too much to ask?

And by the way I’ve been studying the tan-line under my left diaper, and it’s pretty pale. Can someone tell me what the BLEEP white looks like anyways. Because folks around here seem to think its some sort of disease!

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