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henhouse won’t catch him

he sings under bridge where his voice can get seen. he doesn’t want his gold locks or blue eyes interfering. drugs love him even more than girls, so he hides away. he’d like to say he loves people, loves God, loves himself, but he made a vow to never lie, and he’s still trying to learn how much truth he can keep.

he used to be a thief. and not only of teenage girl hearts. he’d steal real things. now whenever he passes a fat wallet or smartphone without eyes, he screams in his heart, “Your servant needs you now.”

people cross over his bridge. quite often. They pause and look for who it is who serenades their hearts. they never find him. even if they crawl down in those walkways where he was.

by then he’s way long gone.

but he usually leaves them a guitar pick, with a memory verse about love.

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