How to Build a Racism Machine
Joel Leon.

Oppression is . . . to step on the back of another because it means a vacation home for me somewhere nice.

Oppression is . . . i’ll offend you if it gets me more clicks

Oppression is . . . I’ll look the other way while someone takes my sister if it means I get to be stronger in the gang

Oppression is . . .bullying someone who doesn’t know the street as well as I do

Oppression is . . . intimidating someone into giving you a price that’s good for you but bad for them

Oppression is . . .boxing in your promotion because I’ve got friends to serve

Oppression is . . . not telling my brother about a great agent I found because then I might not end up the only one with a smooth record deal

Oppression is . . . Always learning the easy leg of each gig, and letting my mates work the choppy stuff

Oppression is . . . looking for the girl with low self-esteem but hot legs

Oppression is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . color blind

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