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Random Words which Echo the Pews

(a look into real thoughts from actual people overheard in today’s church)

On Timing

“My wife and I ended up here after really praying God would bring us where He wanted us; we were just out antique-browsing and we walked by this old building, and the Pastor had the door open, waiting for passersby, and he said we were just in time and ushered us in the doors.”

On Names

“Where did you get your name from?” — oh, I was to be named after Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh. “That’s too bad.” — no, it was kind of cool, you know, Christpher, like one who bears Christ and Robin, like Robin Williams. “Oh, yeah, right. I guess that’s pretty cool.”

On Who God is looking for

“You got your goodie two shoes and you got your ‘I am too worthlesses’. The good ones don’t understand why they would need Jesus to do anything for them, and the down and outers don’t think Heaven would be even remotely interested in their stink.”

On broken things needing mending

“Would you pray for my friend’s cousin. He quit taking his meds and he really needs to be back on them.”

On gratefulness and need

“Thank you for driving me to church today. You have a lot of patience. I get really lonely, and I needed to be here.”

On Stage effect

“Could we get some different music for when I go up on stage. The applause because of the number of attendees seems kind of weak during first service. Do we have anything that could kind of help with that? Only if you guys think that would help. It may just be my flesh talking.”

On noticing each other

“I’m so glad to see you and your boys are doing so much better today.” — yeah, thanks for mentioning that, it had been very rough. It’s hard to believe they have such weak immune systems, they seem to get sick multiple times a month when someone else sneezes.

On Hearing God’s particular whispered command to you

“Now Jesus didn’t say to everybody to go sell all they own, give it to the poor and come follow me. He speaks to each of us at those things which block us. Don’t let anything block you from Eternity with Him; It’s not worth it; not none of it.”

On forming new friendships

“Yeah, we’re going to really have to go play chess, I really want to do that with you man, I’m just going to call you, we’ll eat, talk and play some chess.”

On affirming those who serve in the shadows

“You’re the stuff man, your the great one, the legend. I tell people about the news of you all the time. How you’re always asking questions, how you’re always right on top of it, how you’re fully engaged, you do it all.”

Although there’s some weird and really messed up people who go there, you just never seem to see such glowing and gentle and clean-seeming souls as you find when visiting a church
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