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My one year anniversary of writing on Medium was 7/19.

Wow, that time flew by. I have enjoyed experimenting with my writing style on Medium and being myself. I have written, poems, haikus, and longer articles about career and personal development.

I opened up about being happily single and divorced twice. Writing on Medium has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone with writing.

Who knows what I will write about next? Maybe some fiction? Why not? I create the rules.

Writing takes dedication. Either you like to write or you don’t. There is no gray area.

Medium allows you to have a platform for your writing. Feel free to write whatever you want to write…

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No Apologies Needed

“Why do you have all those dark marks on your face?”

I was shocked by this question. I could not believe someone would have the audacity to ask me such a question. As a teenager, this type of question would hurt you to your core, as it did for me. Hell, I was a teenager, so acne was a thing.

What was I supposed to do if pimples left dark marks on my face? On white people, the marks are red, on black people, the marks are dark brown, either way, they are marks. …

Lessons from Personality Isn’t Permanent

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Picture Credit Dr. Benjamin Hardy

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they are finished.” Dr. Dan Gilbert

As a Man Thinketh

Think and Grow Rich

These are two books I read annually.

I have found another book I will add to this list: Personality Isn’t Permanent by Dr. Benjamin Hardy, a mentor of mine. As you are creating your life there are rules you need to follow, rules that you make for yourself.


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