A letter to “open minded, genuinely kind, educated, willing to listen and learn white assholes” out…
Saadia Muzaffar

Every day I read heartfelt stories on Pantsuit Nation from all walks of life. Many of them Muslim, Mexican and interacial people and couples share their stories where then hundreds of people respond in loving support. Ya that sounds like an awful place. It sounds like a place of division. I would compare it to say hmmm… the War on Drugs, Prisons for Profit, ghettos, slavery, and all the other things that opress POC. I mean after all it is actually a place where all Americans, yes all of them, get a voice and then some love in return. And this does not touch on Action groups that spun up from PN right after the election. Places where people are collectively working toward fighting against inequality in this Country. Activism has bern spear headed by this group. And if our Country as it is now is of any concern for any American who wants a safer place that honors equal rights, equality of the sexes and less of a Classist Society we in the middle, and bottom need to unite against the top. But it will be harder with articles like this that call white people assholes and asks them to apologize for being white. As if the color of my skin defines me or was a choice I made at birth. Righteous indignation doesnt make this story compelling or smart. Attack the real opressors and do not piss off the people who stand up with you for a better way. Neither Toni Lehren’s anger or your anger will stop me from doing whats right in this world. Be Human, act human and treat all people as human.

Thanks for schooling us though.

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