We’ll all go to hell.

I don’t know if I’m reaching a new high or a new low. Depends on where you’re looking from, maybe. I’ve got dates lined up until God knows when. Is that a good thing? No, not really. For anyone involved. Actually I’m positive it’ll be a horrible experience. But I’m going with the flow, because that’s what this is all about.

I know I said I’d stop dating, but I also said I’d stop a lot of other things. And besides, I won’t take Ro types. That was cutting it too close.

Why won’t the sky fall down on me and kill me already? Spare me all the pain I’m inflicting on these innocent bystanders. And you don’t get to call me out on it. You don’t get to do shitty things and feel bad about yourself and think that that’s gonna solve anything. You do shitty things and people are affected and hating yourself isn’t gonna solve anyone’s problems.

So I’m looking at it from the other side. Checking out if the hole I’m digging gets any deeper from here.

See you in hell.

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