Earn Free WHO Tokens — Truwho ICO

Truwho has created ways for its users to earn free WHO tokens on our platform. See below for the different ways to earn Free WHO tokens.

  1. Joining and remaining in the Telegram group for the
    duration of the ICO — 10 WHO tokens.
  2. Sign up for Truwho platform with minimal required
    information (Silver verified) — 10 WHO tokens.
  3. Become Gold verified — additional 15 WHO tokens.

4. Become Platinum verified — additional 25 WHO tokens.

5. Referrals (per each) — 25 WHO
* Users that have linked to a partner gain 50 WHO tokens
per referral.
* This only applies to referrals obtained AFTER linking
to a partner.

6. Linking to your first partner once verified — additional 25
WHO tokens.

7. Making at least one WHO token purchase during the ICO
- 25 WHO tokens.

It is time!

The Truwho limited presale, whitepaper (https://truwho.com/whitepaper.pdf), website (https://truwho.com/), and the soft launch of the portal (https://app.truwho.com/) are now live. We are so excited to finally release what we have been working so hard on for all of you. Please join us as we move KYC and personal data security into the future with the blockchain. While you get a good sneak peek at the ecosystem from the soft launch of the portal and the website, we know you will be blown away by the full platform as it rolls out shortly. We wanted to avoid the common…


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