7 Ways to Get Moving

Some days, we just don’t feel motivated to exercise. “Too tired, no energy, long day at work, lost my mojo…” You name it, I’ve said it. In fact, I even know what it feels like to fall off the workout train all together. How do we get back on track and stay motivated? Today I propose to you new ideas that will inspire you to find or rediscover your fitness zest.

  1. Buy New Workout Gear

The saying holds true, “Look good, feel good.” A little retail therapy usually does the trick, whether it is a new gym outfit or a new pair of workout shoes. When you buy something new, you are typically excited to wear it. Splurge a little — it will most likely kick start you into workout mode.

  1. Follow a Guide or Workout Challenge

If you start to feel like your normal gym routine is getting stagnant and boring, challenge yourself to follow a guide or some type of challenge. You can find a plethora of guides on Pinterest. And most importantly, try and stick with it. Okay I’ll admit… I’m guilty of giving up half way through a 30 day challenge. But enough about me, this is about you

  1. Attend Different Classes

If you belong to a gym that offers different classes, I totally recommend this option. Trying out different classes will definitely change things up and prevent you from getting bored. It will confuse your muscles and keep things fresh. Do not fall victim of muscle memory — that is how your body plateaus.

  1. Find a Workout Partner

Having a workout buddy will hold you accountable. It will also push you to do things you may not normally do on your own. Plus, it’s more fun to have someone to chat it up with (between breaks only ladies).

  1. YouTube an at Home Workout

Pull up a quick video and get the job done in your living room. It’s sure better than nothing. YouTube has so many different fitness videos, it’s so convenient. Some of my favorite videos can be found by searching “Fitness Blender” on YouTube.

  1. Create Your Own Group

Gather a group of friends/family members and set a day and a time of the week where everyone can meet up, i.e. a park, or someone’s garage or home. Each week someone different leads the workouts. This will definitely keep things interesting. Be creative and fun with it!

  1. Hire a Personal Trainer

If a personal trainer is in your budget, all glory to you. Having someone to tell you exactly what to do eases the pain of having to think for yourself. Chances are slim you will get off easy with a trainer. But many of us need that extra push, or we tend to slack when no one is looking. Find a trainer that fits your needs.

Working out doesn’t have to be so boring after all! They are so many different ways to get your heart rate up and to work your muscles. Get out of that traditional run until you can’t run anymore mindset.

Uncover your zest!



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