‘FIT’ing it in Your Schedule

Before setting your fitness goals, I think it is important to define what it is you are trying to work toward. Are you trying to lose weight, put on muscle, run a marathon, tone up, or just get on a regular workout regimen in order to stay healthy? Today we are going to focus on setting a very general workout routine 3–5 times a week.

The first and foremost question we all end up asking ourselves is when the hell are we going to find time to exercise? Actually, that’s probably what has held you back in the past…you just don’t have time! Well guess what — you’ll never have the time. Whether you’re a mommy, a workaholic, a social butterfly, or all of them combined on any given day, you have to schedule time for yourself when it comes to fitness. That’s it. It’s simple as that. Make the time to care for your body. Your focus on fitness will not only help you look good, but will also help you have more energy, build your immune system, think more clearly, have more confidence…the benefits are endless. Finding a healthy balance each week will also have an impact on those around you.

But the question is ‘how’? How do you find that balance between trying to juggle so many things at once?

I can hear you saying “easier said than done.” That is true, but a lot of the things that make you proud were the result of hard work and dedication. My first bit of advice is to not make it an option. Define how many times a week you want to exercise and tell yourself you have to do it. It’s not a whether or not you get around to it, after everything else on the list gets accomplished. It should be written in your daily to-do list just like bathing…one hopes

You make it a priority by finding the reasons why it is important to you. Remind yourself every day of those reasons until it becomes habit. Start slowly, listen to your body; you don’t want to overdo it and give up before you even have a chance to get started. Go on walks, take the stairs. It will all build from there and you will feel stronger each day.

Many people think that you have to have a gym membership in order to exercise, but I am here to open your eyes up to different options. Maybe you can’t afford a gym membership or maybe you don’t have time to make the drive. Well the annoyingly good news I have for you is that you can find endless options for exercise online, for FREE. It’s as simple as pulling up YouTube and finding an at-home workout that will fit right in with your schedule. You can follow a quick 15 minute butt blaster video or even get after a 45 min cardio sesh. Why not before work, after work, when dinner is in the oven, while the kids are napping or after you’ve put them down for the night.

And I know, I know… it can be difficult to get motivated in your cozy home. Sometimes it’s just so easy to plop on the couch and not lift a finger once you get comfortable. I am just as guilty as you are! But make it a point to first change into your gym clothes and shoes before “plopping”, that way you are forced to get up because your tight sports bra keeps reminding you.

Or maybe you do have a gym membership, but it’s the struggle of getting there after a long day at work. Speaking on my own behalf, most days I don’t let myself go home first. I pack a bag the night before and go directly to the gym after work. I force myself, regardless of how motivated I’m feeling, to work out for 20 minutes. If I find myself wanting to push myself more, great — if not, I won’t feel guilty because 20 minutes is better than nothing at all.

And there you have it, once you get to the gym or pull up that YouTube video… half the fight is over! Remember, you can find a way to ‘FIT’ it in your schedule if you make it a priority.

Let us know your thoughts and check back for our very own workout tutorials here on TruZest

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