When the Munchies Strike

It’s 10:30 pm, the kids are in bed, dishes are done, the husband/boyfriend/roommate/mess-maker (whatever he is that day) is occupied watching TV, and it’s finally time to have some “me” time. Then suddenly the munchies strike… okay that’s every night.

I seriously act like I haven’t eaten in days — famished status. In reality, I had probably just eaten a full dinner just a few hours prior. Snacking is totally my guilty pleasure.

My tru confession here is that I’m a total closet snacker. When no one is looking I sneak attack into the kitchen and totally stuff my face. It of course has to be something crunchy and salty. Preferably chips, popcorn, crackers, etc. The list goes on, but I probably shouldn’t embarrass myself too much.

But it gets worse… the binge eating typically continues after that. After I muster up the courage to put down the Cheez-its, I then start scrounging around for the sweets. It usually begins by opening every drawer and cabinet two to three times, in hopes that something new will magically appear within seconds. However, the hope ALWAYS fails me. So I end up settling for an old piece of chocolate that I found stuffed away in the corner of the junk drawer.

Finally, when I have a second to breathe (no time for breathing between bites), the guilt sets in. ‘Why did I just eat so much? I wasn’t even hungry. Not againnnn!!!

When I throw wine in the picture, forget about any type of self-control. Wine totally makes for a bottomless pit. If I have little buzz going, the munchies increase while the guilt decreases (not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing). “I will just worry about the calories tomorrow,” I tell myself. However, the next day ain’t so fun when I have both a hangover and a bloated belly. And who was I kidding- finding energy to get to the gym with a hangover, not happening. The ‘worry about it later’ part never gets taken care of.

Hopefully you can relate. And if not, well, there I confessed… I’m packing on the pounds. We would love to hear your tru confession. Shoot us an email with your story for a chance to be published (or embarrassed) in the Tru Confessions section of our blog.

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