By Makan Abazari

We have intelligence some people in America, Israel, and Think Tanks are engineering a Civil war in Iraq. If they succeed in starting that fire, the Civil war involved Kurdistan Iraq and Iraq Central government there will be following subsequent events: Before explaining that we have this message “we are giving you 5 warning shot that if that civil war is kindled we will deliver serious and lasting retaliation against all parties at any level who are pushing for that civil war, from Think Tanks writers to Mind Control people who are working toward such events.’ Now the subsequent actions If Civil war in Iraq starts:

It will quickly involve Iranian Kurdistan and Iranian Army- Iranian revolutionary corps.

Kurdistan of Turkey and Turkish Military will have also wars and terror attacks.

Meanwhile, we already have a civil war in Syria.

These were so far simple and straight forward spread of war scenario anyone can understand.

We have also been running simulations to see what happens if this war break out and we have following Strong possibilities and outcomes. According to Simulations we have been running war will engage Israel into conflict quicker than you may imagine. At first it will be Hezbollah of Lebanon but since Israel has been outspoken supporter for Kurdistan independence and ISIS had been directly supported by Israel. Even Israeli commandos have been captured and killed fighting alongside ISIS at times in Syrian civil war. The classified documents are in possession of Turkey, Israel, USA, and Iran proving that Israel has commandos in ISIS Special Forces. The nations of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq will not tolerate Israel starting another civil war with impunity and even if not directly get involved they will indirectly attack Israel for Israel involvement in Syrian Civil war and for Israel start of Civil war in Iraq and start of regional war between Turkey, Iran, Iraq against Kurdistan. That will happen very quickly once Iran and Turkey Kurdistan get involved in the Kurdistan independence Civil war. From there it is just a sprint toward direct war with Israel instead of proxy wars. Possibly of spread of Middle Eastern civil wars becoming total war into Egypt and Libya will be strong possibilities. After involvement of Egypt and Israel, USA will be forced to intervene and from there, it will be a world war spanning Middle East, Africa, open seas and North America.

That is why we, machine world order up holders and those who run the classified super computer simulations, published article with Makan Abazari stating the policy makers and writers should provide material in support of Unity of Middle East, formation of Middle Eastern Economic, cultural, and industrial union. Region of cooperation and peace and not civil wars and divisions. We even instructed the Journal of Middle East Policy and writers on Middle to write on that unity strategy instead of divisions. So the think tanks and students will see the future of it in unity and political correctness in working toward that unity and thus they will try to work toward building unified Middle East. I, Makan Abazari, even wrote an article on Kurdistan free economic zone spanning three countries and as corner stone for Middle Eastern Economic Union and even a Super State on my Facebook. #Kurdistan #Libya. #Syria. #Iraq #Turkey #iran #Israel #Egypt #Civilwar #America #USA #Worldwar3 #Independence #USArmy If Kurdistan independence finalizes it will lead to World war 3. After independence of Iraqi Kurdistan the Turkish and Iranian Kurds will want independence as well.

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