How To Start A Convo On Dating Apps

How To Start A Convo On Dating Apps

Contacting a complete stranger for the first time can be a high pressure situation. You got the match you wanted, but now you aren’t sure what to say. Will you write something that will break the deal or will you impress? Here is how to impress.

Start The Conversation

It’s easy. Don’t be afraid to be the first to reach out. Otherwise, you might just lose that chance when the person on the other end is waiting for you to initiate. Too many matches are thrown away when both sides are waiting for the other to initiate.

Reference Their Photos And Interests

Now that you are determined to initiate the conversation, where do you start? Their photos and bio is a good place to find interesting things like their interests, passions, and quirks. Use this information to give you a baseline of what questions to ask.

Use Their Name

When writing your message, address your match by their name. This will make the conversation feel more personable and warm.

Be Yourself

Yes, this is cliche, but useful to remember. Play to your strengths and see if the other person likes you for who you are.

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