6 Hacks To Building An Irresistible Dating Profile

Six Hacks To Building An Irresistible Dating Profile

Not sure how to express yourself through a dating profile? We know it’s hard so here’s a quick guide on how to show people who you are.

1. “Show, Don’t Tell” Bio 💃

It is easy to describe yourself using generic adjectives but avoid this! Describe an event that is special to you or exemplifies who you are and put your own voice in it.

2. Avoid Cliches 🙅🏻‍

You may like “walking on the beach” or “working out” but that doesn’t say much about you. You are unique, so be specific when describing the activities or interests you enjoy.

3. Choose Lifestyle Shots 🐶

Pick photos of you in action doing what you love. Show pictures of you climbing to the top of a mountain or playing with your dog. These are conversation starters!

4. Limit The Selfies 🤳 🛑

Selfies are cool but they don’t really show off your interests and hobbies.

5. Keep The Focus On You 📸

We know you love hanging out with your friends, but people are interested in getting to know you.

6. Have Fun 🤪

Don’t be too serious when writing your bio or picking your photos. We all like to laugh so make sure to include your humorous side as well!

Now that you have some guidelines to follow, building that profile doesn’t seem so daunting does it? So go out there and get the matches you want!

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