Building PageGauge in a day; FAQs

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What is PageGauge?

A simple web tool to assess the usability of any website using automated analysis. You enter any URL and PageGauge runs some tests to generate a “Usability Score”. It displays the results of the individual tests and identifies areas that may need improvement.

Read about how we did it here>

How does it work?

We compiled the main criteria for website usability from multiple sources and identified the most important. From these we assessed how easy there were to programmatically assess and selected the the most impactful. We then built algorithms to test these things (e.g. is the site responsive, or how many layers deep is it) and assigned scoring criteria for them. When you submit a site to PageGauge we run these tests and present you with your score.

For more information check out our Github repo.

How accurate is it?

It’s extremely accurate to the parameters that we have set — which is why it’s more reliable than subjective analysis by humans. BUT the analysis isn’t extremely sophisticated, and definitely not as good a proxy for usability as real user tests. We hope to improve on the sophistication of analysis in future.

Please email us with feedback / suggestions / enthusiasm :-)

Why is it free?

This is a side-project by the Chameleon team (and Mike Martin), designed and built in a single day. Chameleon’s mission is to improve interface usability and we felt this could be a valuable tool for teams. We are not charging for this because we don’t have the capacity to handle the responsibility that would bring.

We do have a paid-for product to help you build better user onboarding, currently in private beta. Request an invite here>

How can I get involved?

We really enjoyed working on this project and plan to run more distributed hackathons with a wider team and are looking for developers, designers, marketers, product managers and others who might want to participate in this initiative.

Sign-up if you want to join for the next one!

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