Hello, my name is Delicia Owusu-Akontoh and I am currently undertaking a legal tech internship at Define. What initially attracted me to Define was their LinkedIn post regarding the launch of their summer internship programme which hinted at the breadth of the opportunities and projects that their interns will be working on. Following this, I used my initiative to reach out to the team who were more than happy to welcome me onto the programme, and I was fortunate to be onboarded within 48 hours.

Now, let us dig deeper into what a week in the life of a Define…

There has certainly been no shortage of articles debating the social and market outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic (with the majority only disagreeing on the extent of the impact). Most of these articles, incorrectly in our opinion, simply project our collective lockdown experience, which represents a forced acceleration of technological adoption, into the post-pandemic market order.

Yes, the post-pandemic order will result in profound structural reforms not seen with other crises (the most recent of which being the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)) but, at least in respect of the legal market, this will not be as a result of the…

To mark International Day of Disability Fuse’s Define and an A&O lawyer discuss how disability has been their motivator

The story of Define, a start-up company currently working within A&O’s tech innovation space, Fuse, is one that also has deep significance for how the legal profession and other industries support talented people with disabilities.

The company is the brainchild of two former lawyers, Feargus MacDaeid — also visually impaired and registered blind — and Nnamdi Emelifeonwu, who first met at Freshfields seven years ago. Feargus had recently joined from A&O and the first transaction they worked on together was his…

Allen & Overy has announced the new cohort members to enter Fuse, their collaborative tech innovation space.

Starting in May 2019, the four new companies to join Fuse cohort 3 are:


- a startup which builds tools aiming to create machine-readable rules, thus enabling customers to access complex financial regulations on a digital basis.


– a drafting tool which helps users to access defined terms and references in documents more easily, with the intention of speeding up the drafting process.


– a platform which seeks to provide social collaboration, secure file sharing and project management with the aim of improving…

In the past, I have written about how Define came into being and a little bit about how I see the future of technology in the legal sector being best focused on how lawyers interact with their documents. Given the nature of my disability, it is probably not surprising that document interaction would be a key area from which I could benefit. Indeed, Define at its very core, is designed to assist people to interact with their documents in a more reader friendly manner. When one looks at the basic concept i.e. you can access everything that you need to…

Following on from my last blog, I thought that it might be interesting to express a few ideas on where I think the future of legal tech is heading and to imagine how the space might look over the coming years. It is no secret that the legal sector is one which is currently undergoing transformation, as new platforms enter the general sphere. It is also no secret, that to some extent, legal firms are playing catch up with many other sectors who have invested in new technologies. …

For this, the first blog post of Define, I thought it would be best to introduce myself and write about how my friend, colleague and co-founder Nnamdi and I conceived the idea for Define.

From the onset, it is important to say that I am registered blind and originally worked for Compaq and Microsoft. Unfortunately, during the time I worked there, my sight began to deteriorate to a degree that meant I could no longer pursue a career in IT. Additionally, the technology did not exist at the time to enable me to adapt my work environment in such a…


World’s first 360 degree reviewing and editing solution for legal documents. Check us out at trydefine.com.

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