Interview: Meet Gigvy Developer Esteban Zignego

Gigvy provides access to some of the best Latin American developers working in the Web, iOS and Android markets, as well as the top talent in UI/UX design, skilled project managers, and more.

We recently spent time chatting with one of our developers, Esteban Zignego, who was happy to share his insights on life as a Gigvy developer, the advantages of working remotely (or hiring remote workers), which projects he finds the most value in, and more.

(Esteban Zignego)

What made you choose a career in development?

I think I chose to be a developer because I have always been interested in building things. I started using computers when I was very young, so it always felt like the natural career path for me. During my time at school I made friends who shared my interests in programming, so we always swapped recommendations for books and other materials to learn all that we could about the medium. By the time I had to choose a focus for college, I knew that in this era, a career in software engineering would be a very sought after job with a lot of growth potential.

What sets Gigvy apart from other platforms and/or companies that you’ve worked for?

I think the work dynamic that Gigvy possesses is the dynamic of the future. Today, there is a whole generation that is starting to enter the workforce, that prefers to be free of the constraints of a typical 8-work day in a traditional office space. This workforce is young, intelligent, and ambitious, and they are further motivated when they get to collaborate with a network of like-minded individuals independently.

Gigvy offers a platform for this collaboration. Through our network, you can work with project managers and software engineers from anywhere in the world in an easy, practical, and efficient way.

Who do you admire, or who do you find the most inspiring, in the world of mobile or web app design?

I have a lot of role models, but if I need to name one, I would say Mark Zuckerberg. Mostly, because he is part of my generation and one of the pioneers of the freelance workforce. He built a brilliant product and started what became an outstanding company, all from within his Harvard dorm room. Another thing that I admire about him is that he continues to innovate and think outside the box. He doesn’t settle for all that he has already created.


What do you enjoy most about working with startups or new product ideas?

Working with startups is the moment when you think your job has the most value. Comparatively, working with big companies who just look for that 1% increase in the market, can be an extremely impersonal experience. With startups, you are helping them build something from the ground up. Joining a project from the very early stages and witnessing the tremendous strides that the project can take is always incredibly motivating.

Are you new to the world of outsourcing? For some insight on how to collaborate with developers, this clip offers some useful introductory tips.

Gigvy is a platform that connects international startups, in English and Spanish-speaking markets, with the top developers in Latin America. If you’re interested in collaborating with a Gigvy developer, get acquainted with our network.