3 newbie house sitters share how they got their first gigs — Pre-Summit Panel Discussion #1

Getting started in house sitting within the last 12 months, these 3 ladies joined us on our first pre-summit panel discussion to share what action they took to get their first gigs and why they decided to take part in this nomadic way of life.

Thank you Lisa Wilbur Smith from housesitboatsit.com, Amanda Galati & Sophie Mayer

Key Takeaways

  • Lisa got started during a busy holiday time giving a better chance of getting a house sit and providing the all important first reference
  • Mandy looked first for winter assignments in Tasmania, Australia when most of the island heads north to warmer weather
  • Sophie used her bi-lingual skills to connect with home owners in their native language to land a one month gig in France as a first assignment

Those who have already picked up the free ticket to the House Sitting Summit, know who they will be e-meeting before and during the 3 day event in November. But as we record each interview and pre-summit panel discussion we will tell you a bit about each of our wonderful contributors.

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This panel discussion is the first in a 7 part inspiration series leading up to the House Sitting Summit.