Young Travelers Reaping the Rewards of House Sitting — Pre-Summit Panel Discussion #6

We were very late in getting this panel discussion recorded and out to you, maybe we are just not young enough to cope with pressure these days :)

Feeling like the ‘old girls’ in the room, we thoroughly enjoyed hearing about how these twenty-somethings have been getting their house sits and what they learned along the way about this style of travel.

Laura & Tanbay are now full time travel bloggers at who started four years ago with 9 months of house sitting all over Australia. They even wrote a book about their experiences with helpful tips for those who are first time house sitters (available on Amazon).

Marilyn from scored a great house sit on Hawaii and asked her cousin Casey to look after her dogs while she and her boyfriend went house sitting!

Casey got bit by the travel bug and headed downunder late last year to enjoy 9 months of working, traveling and house sitting around that big ‘ol island that we come from :)

The key takeaways from these hip and happening travelers is to get your references as soon as possible by starting with off-season house sits or shorter local sits during busy holiday times. From there the world is your oyster!

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This panel discussion is the sixth in a 7 part series leading up to the House Sitting Summit. Tickets are free and registration is open until the event