Product Hunt increased our signups by 3,500% in one week.

The story of what happened when someone posted our product to Product Hunt when we weren’t looking.

A little over nine months ago we launched Kong — a free and easy-to-use platform that allows anyone to create a professional online store — and we’ve been working really closely with our beloved customers on developing the product and experience. Working almost exclusively on getting to product/market fit we were unsurprisingly a little unprepared when someone submitted us to Product Hunt.

Someone’s submitted us!

So, it’s worth mentioning that we were already fans of Product Hunt, we know very well how a successful post can make for a very happy team. We were already starting to think about how we could use their site to raise awareness of Kong. We hadn’t really considered though (read: prepared for) the implications of someone adding us without us expecting it.

Thankfully, someone did let us know…

What the fun are we supposed to do?

There was a huge buzz in the office, a sprinkle of panic too, but most importantly a combined determination to make sure we didn’t waste this opportunity. Here we were though, thrust into the limelight with nothing but a link and a still quite naked page to promote ourselves.

We worked late into the night, creating graphics, everyone jumping on our support channels and engaging in the conversations that were starting. We also took the opportunity to reach out to some of the movers and shakers on Twitter. There’s probably no better time to start developing relationships with industry influencers and we’ve had some great exposure by doing this too.

Featured baby!

Top ten… What!

Getting posted on the ‘Upcoming’ tab was awesome, but our prior knowledge of Product Hunt meant we knew the ‘Featured’ page was the place to be. We hoped, but didn’t think for a minute we’d get listed there. After all, eCommerce platforms are hardly new. We were happy just to be a part of the fun, meeting new people and watching all the new stores being created.

Now, I’m not saying that we were refreshing the Product Hunt page every ten seconds, but we discovered that Kong had been moved to ‘featured’ roughly ten seconds after it was. What an amazing feeling! It might just have felt like more of a validation for the work we’ve put in than anything else to date.

The Product Hunt experience really is second to none!
Those crazy Hunter kids really know how to make you feel special.

What did Product Hunt really do for us?

Obviously the adrenaline of Product Hunt day is incredible but just as soon as the fun has begun your short-lived time in the spotlight is over… Or, is it? Well, I’m VERY happy to report that this truly wasn’t the case for us.

It’s now about a week since we first appeared on the Product Hunt site and the momentum that we’ve seen has continued.

According to Google Analytics, the last week has seen a 950% increase in visits to our site when compared with the previous week. The day after getting featured was our peak day, with over 2,300% more visits than the same day the previous week. The number of visits yesterday was still 980% higher than the same day last week!

Twitter has seen some really exciting activity with Tweets coming from all over the world. Some serious Twitter influencers, with 300K+ followers, have been mentioning us too. We were also included in several posts, one of which emailed us out to their 700K+ database. That’s some incredible reach.

This has all had a fantastic impact on people registering on our platform, with 3,500% more signups last week when compared with the previous week, and increasing the total number of businesses on our platform by over 27% in 6 days! That’s 27% of our entire user base in one week! And, there’s still signs of this continuing.

Update: It’s twelve days on and we’re still getting as many as 200 new businesses signing up a day. Crazy.

Another update: 512 stores signed up yesterday. :O


At the end of the day, everyone’s experience on Product Hunt will be different, but below are a few tips that most likely apply to everyone.

Our tips:

  • Be prepared for everyone to down tools and focus on the ride
  • Read the FAQs!
  • Make your page look pretty — real pretty
  • Get involved in the conversation
  • Be ready for the additional support activity
  • Get the whole team on Twitter
  • Follow up on all the PR requests that come in.
  • Say thanks… a lot
  • Thanks

Credit where credit is due.

There’s no way I’d be able to write this article without the amazing, multi-hat wearing team at Kong. For obvious reasons — we’d have no amazing product to garner the attention of Product Hunt in the first place — but, more importantly, the entire team were ready to drop everything and work through the night; and at a moment’s notice. Product Hunt has been a real thrill, but it’s Kong’s team that made it all possible. Legends.


Lastly, we’d like to thank the following super special people: the marvellous @aysegul_odele for posting us, an impressively pro-active @blukasz for facilitating the whole process and then letting us know, and the inspirational @toocre8tive for being the one who started this whole crazy story off by setting the wheel in motion. We love you.

Thanks for reading…

Julian MD/CD

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