Live. From somewhere in there…

Hello world!

In the tradition of really cool and super fancy startups that have beautiful blogs written by super cool founders (usually with dark-rimmed tortoise-shell glasses), we too are joining the blogging bandwagon. Exception: this account is an amalgamation of all of us here at MoneyMe.

Now on the denouement of a weekend-long workathon, here are some lessons we’ve learned about fueling a mad dash to the finish line when building a product that must ship. Yesterday.

  1. Air conditioning is key. Shut all doors and openings that will let the Lagos heat in.
  2. Toilet paper is also key. Goes without saying. What — too crass? Grow up.
  3. A constant supply of delicious food. We particularly recommend asun, jollof rice, salad, bread, nougats, cupcakes, meat pie, cereal, plantains, and of course egusi (yaaaaaas)!!!!
  4. At least one happily uncouth teammate. You will get frustrated, angry, tired, demotivated — this individual will keep the spirits up and the situation light. Gross at times, but light.
  5. Beds. Nap stations. Key.
  6. The almighty issue tracker. This can be a spreadsheet, JIRA, Asana, whatever. There’s got to be a way to celebrate every win. Including font changes. That too is a victory. Trust us — we’re experts — on not having fonts right; not on anything else.
  7. The team verbal check-in. You’ve been racing for weeks to bring this idea to life. The room is filled with eyes tired from working all day, all night and all weekend. Take a minute. Stop. Let everyone say something. Anything. The good, the bad, the why we’re doing this in the first place. Talk about catharsis and rejuvenation!

For those of you that don’t live in Nigeria, it’s been a hard few weeks in the country. How an oil producing country runs out of petroleum products for its citizens is a blog we’re not about to write. Suffice it to say — things just suck right now. But, we can’t let our surroundings determine the scope and reach of our dreams. Poor government leadership shouldn’t dictate how hopeful we feel.

Let’s be those people forging and creating a new and awesome and hope-filled reality DESPITE the disappointments around us. In fact, let our creation inspire others to rise above their surroundings too.

This is a lot of dramatic talk for a simple app right? But think of how often simple things have lifted people out of tough situations: a song, an encouraging word, works of art, a prayer, or just a listening ear. Small things are powerful. Your work is powerful.

Hello. World.

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