Why eBay is allowing E-Cigarette and Tobacco Products to be Sold, Regardless of their TOS¹.
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First of all, if “children” end up purchasing something that they shouldn’t; blame the parents, not the seller! The parents/guardians of those children should be supervising their children on the internet… period. It is not the responsibility for eBay or it’s members to parent a child.

Secondly, these seller would not have to go through these extreme measures to sell their products if Big Tobacco wasn’t currently conducting shadowy operations to destroy the relatively new vaping industry. Especially, when all of the ingredients have been scientifically proven to cease or at least reduce SMOKE inhalation due to the usage of combustable plant materials. All around, it is a MASSIVE rupture to the income of the majority of major tobacco import & export commerce and has drastically loosened the noose around peoples’ choices’ regarding perfectly “legal” recreational nicotine consumption.

Furthermore and finally, the only reason why vaping hasn’t been embraced by the public is because certain greedy individuals haven’t realized it’s time to pack & close up shop before the public fully awakens to the crimes against humanity “they’ve” committed.

P.S. — I don’t have to cite any source for this rational explanation of sheer logic. If you fail to see how simple the real truth of this planetary issue is, then this is one of MANY tough roads ahead.

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