So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

Look, man — and this is honest advice, not Internet posturing — get out of the Silicon Valley bubble and re-evaluate whether your idea actually meets a need that’s not already filled by, well, bodegas. At my apartment complex, for instance, we don’t need vending machines to sell us shampoo and soap because we already have a little corner store that does that. It’s run by nice folks. They don’t deserve to get run out of business by a couple ex-Googlers who are probably already millionaires. And anyways, my complex abuts a relatively low-income area — not everyone that walks into that corner store has a smartphone, so they’d just get left out in the cold. Ask yourself: whose lives am I disrupting with this business model, and why? Keep in mind here that “potentially making millions more than I already have” is a not-insignificant part of the answer. Aren’t there better uses for your time and talents?

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