Which one are you?

*This is written in my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it at all!!

There is a lot of controversy in the world today about the type of gender a person is. Whether one considers themselves female or male, if they are transgender, etc. There are some people out there that believe that it is absolutely wrong to classify yourself as the gender opposite you were born. Majority of the others though, don’t really care what another person may classify themselves as, yes, they may find it queer in the beginning but in the end, as long as it doesn’t affect them in anyway, they don’t care.

In my perspective, I don’t really care what another person classifies them self as. If they feel more comfortable classifying them as one gender rather than the other, that is perfectly fine! You do you and if it makes you happy then keep it going! To me, as long as I don’t feel pressured by someone to feel a certain way about the gender they classify themselves as, I really don’t care about what others think their genders truly are. As long as no one causes any fights or riots over this controversy, I really don’t care what they think their gender is. I feel that people should be able to freely express their true feelings about how their gender and what they really think is right. If we take away that freedom, it would be way worse since they could riot even worse and claim that they are being targeted just because they are part of the group that thinks within their own reason.

I really feel that this topic really needs to be addressed because some people don’t really understand the real situation that is going on throughout the world. Some parents are abandoning their own children just because they are transgender and feel more comfortable addressing themselves as someone else; there are situations like the ban in the military; there are even punishments across the whole entire world if someone believes that they are transgender and/or want to be addressed as the opposite gender.

This is a huge topic nowadays throughout the whole world. Especially with the whole deal about Trump’s reinstatement of the ban on transgender people in the military brought the whole country in an outrage. Many of the transgender people thought of it as they were being punished to not be allowed to serve in the military just because they classified themselves as the opposite gender, which they basically are being punished by being deprived of their rights to serve. There are many other huge situations that have happened like this but the ban on transgender people in the military is the most recent situation that has brought a lot of people into the riot.

*There are many different opinions to this argument. None are right, everyone has their own voice in this matter and what I have just stated is my own. If you disagree with me then good for you, I’m not trying to go against anyone while writing this blog.

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