On a Man Requesting Abortion
Deborah Kristina

Well to me what is crucial in this debate is how come you (plural) got in a situation where abortion is debated. There are many situations where one could want abortion: voluntary sex without protection because “it should be fine”, sex where one of the 2 messed up his-her protection, or when protection happened to fail…..not really the same thing!

Your approach varies a lot depending on the situation. Because even if it’s none of the above at some point you might be thrilled about the concept of having kids, only to realise later on that you can’t handle (you, him or both). Or perhaps something might mess up the relationship after you had decided to have a child…life’s more complex than one can imagine. And perhaps in the future you might be the one who wants abortion while he doesn’t ?

There is no proper way to react which applies all the time. Each case should be regarded individually.

Besides, it takes 2 parents to make a child which means both parents will have to take their responsibilities both before and after the decision is made. I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to figure out whether he still likes your body and your soul, the decision to abort or not is based on practical reasons in a vast majority of cases. I would leave psychology out of this especially if we’re talking about a man’s approach on the topic. In the end it is much more a matter of whether having a child is technically feasible in a certain set of circumstances that a matter of soul and feelings.

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