hour glass with pink sand
hour glass with pink sand

When you work on a task that you enjoy doing or are more skilled on, it is easy to enter a flow state (full concentration) and focus on the work; while you remain oblivious to happenings around you, thus facing less or no distraction.

The opposite is the case when you work on a task that you are less skilled on or something you really do not enjoy doing. You are more likely to be aware of all the distractions and even suffer anxiety, thus being unable to get much done.

In the first instance, you would get more done within a given time (say 1 hour) compared to how much you would be able to do in the 2nd instance given the same 1 hour.

In instances like these, as a creative, you should delegate jobs you don’t enjoy doing and as an…

It is important you feed your mind with positive thoughts so that it is programmed for positivity.

How you reap from this effort is that you would start becoming more aware of all the outcomes you want. You want a new car, you will start seeing more of that brand of car. You want to book clients, you would start recognizing your prospects more because you have programmed your mind with workable information on how to recognize them, as against when all you did was lament that no one is asking about your products.

One way to become more positive is by engaging in positive affirmations like I did in this text banner to acknowledge the effort I put into my work today.

You too can do the same, be proud of your efforts no matter how little. Your mind is taking note.

Toyin Adekola

I’m a business & lifestyle blogger bringing you strategies to optimize performance and achieve your goals without burnout.

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