Happy with your life?

I have tried to take my time to think when was the last time I found time and asked myself if I am happy with my life and if this is what I want to do. Well yeah I forgot I am grown up and I have no time to sit and wonder and I should be sticked to my job to earn money and maintain my family. Probably this is what everyone woul think right? But hey this is my life and it happenes just once as to my knowledge and I want to do it the way I want. Who would not?
With all the stress, tireness and workload we experience every day it should be difficult to ignore all these and just ask yourself if you are happy. At the age of 26 I am a grown-up, married woman with 3 university degrees and a good job. But Istill cannot help asking myself am I happy?
Guess what? I am happy. Even though every day I work 9:00 — 6:00 hour job and wake up at 6 to catch the bus to office which is crowded as hell, I am still happy. I am happy because I manged to discover what I love to do and managed to find time to do it.
You can do it too. You wish to write but have no time to do it? You come home at 8pm, cook, clean, eat watch TV and fall asleep? Welcome to my world. But still you can do it. How? 
First find out what makes you happy. Go back to your childhood, remember what you used to do or what you always wanted to do that was making you happy. Once you find it out, try to figure out if it still interests you and if you are ready to invest your time in it.
I always loved taking photos and had my own old camera. Once I became an adult and started my 9:00 — 6:00 job I put my camera in the drawer and never thought of using it again. It has been couple of months I told myself that taking photos makes me happy and I want to be happy with my life. So I decided to take out my camera, take two hours off from cooking and cleaning and go out for a walk to capture some moments. Now that I have worked on myself a bit, I have made it a rule that once a week shall it be any day, I have to spend these hours on taking photos as it makes me happy. And my happyness is the most important since I cannot make my family happy while being unhappy.
So get yourself alone and concentrate on what makes you happy. Once you find it take couple of hours from your life and tell yourself that these hours only belong to you and you will only spend them on yourself. Now take your time and enjoy it! Once you are done with doing what makes you happy, you will realize that your happiness and positive energy is so strong that it makes everyone around you feel it. This way you maintain yours as well as your family’s happiness.