Hi Tshai,
Chiara Caso

Chiara Caso Thank you very much for your comment Ciara. When we first considered these kind of creative solution we did have some concern that it might affect the engagement. However, there was still two stages for the user to complete in order to start using the app (not including the slide stage) which were (1) a Facebook’s confirmation page which he or she had to confirm the access and people are very familiar with this screen and (2) an onboarding process. We assumed that if we see a change in the engagement in one of these two stages than it might not be such a good solution. However, it turned out that users are very much aware of their actions and the fact that we made things a little bit more “playful” didn’t take that awareness away but just made it more likely for them to give us their fully aware consent (maybe due to curiosity, good in-app “atmosphere” or other factors). In addition, there was no change in the engagement of the next 2 stages that we could clearly tie to the change in the signup screen. Hope it answers your question