A Singer and Social Media

That’s me over there, iPhone video and all. And that’s my song too. A year ago I started writing music. Lyrics were just my way of expressing teen angst until my Mom, a former lead singer in a band herself, sat me down and talked to me about getting serious with my music. So, I did what any 18-year old who’s told to get to work would do; I went on the internet

I had already made a Batman blog on Tumblr back in 2012. Gotham-Knights was my social media pride and joy. Amassing 32,000 followers, I became an expert in all things DC comics and Batman art. My following was, and still is loyal, to the heavily image based comic book content I post. So, I thought I’d test the waters and see how they’d react to some at-home singing videos.

This was just over a month ago. So far, my several music posts combined have reached nearly a thousand likes and shares. I never anticipated anyone to notice the videos but people have, and they like what I am singing about, too. The comments and messages I’ve received have left me unbelievably appreciative and happy.

The problem I’ve always had with social media is that it can leave you fixated on the numbers; forgetting that followers are actually people and viewing them rather as mere stats to feed your ego. Posting these videos has left me wanting more of an audience, but, not for the reasons you’d think. I want people to hear the lyrics and music I’m creating because I believe it has the potential to make a difference.

Look, I’m not trying to be all pseudo-inspirational here. But, music heals people. I have read some incredible responses to my songs from people I’ve never met that have left me in tears. Without giving my whole life story, I have been through my share of pain and so has my single mother who has done an incredible job on her own. I’m turning 19 next month, and maybe it's because I know 20 is around the bin hence ending my teens, or because I finally feel I have a purpose in something I love to do, but I am more anxious than ever in my life.

You’d think a singer and social media are two completely different animals; uncorrelated, unrelated. But, they are inherently the same. A singer connects people through song; social media connects people through stories across screens.

I’m young, but I have been witness to much. I’ve seen the potential of this digital age to change people’s lives in milliseconds. And I’m hoping that it can change mine so that I may have the opportunity to impact someone else's.

So armed with an iPhone, a laptop, and a guitar, I won’t stop until my songs are half way across the world. You could help me by giving my story a share.