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As more and more and people around the world are experiencing some form of social distancing, we suddenly find ourselves, with so much time in our hands. This abrupt lifestyle change may be tough for some as it tampers with our mental health and our daily routine. Exercising your mind and taking care of your well-being will help you get through the process of coping with these unpredictable and stressful times.

Trying out meditation for the first time has been a breakthrough for me. It was relieving to experience first-hand that I have an influence on what is going on…

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Apart from discovering that meditation exists and trying to KonMari the things that no longer serve me, practicing Ayurveda is one of my most pivotal personal growth that I learned last year.

I first got introduced to the concept during a retreat at a sanctuary for yogis in Ubud, The Yoga Barn. The jungle-like yoga shala offered food, messages, and a range of body care with the word ‘Ayurveda’ hanging behind it.

Initially, I didn’t give the concept much thought other than mere observation. Then I went into their bookstore and found a book called Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra

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Life can throw difficult moments at you. It’s a part of the journey, where we can learn to grow if we choose to. But in the moment of whatever is uncomfortable, we may experience our emotions taking the driver seat of our thoughts and actions.

To us, the only truth to the objective situation is enhanced by our subjective thoughts and perception that feeds our ego and confirms our own narrative.

We often make decisions when we are hot-headed with emotions, where our judgments are clouded by the fast-beating heart rate and the noisy chatter in our head.

We say…

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Doesn’t life get tiring when we always compare ourselves to others? That’s what they say — ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’.

Speaking for the Millenials, we grew up at the time and age where early fame and success are celebrated and exposed to our consumption within a tap away.

When our reference points are influencers and celebrities, we can be easily influenced to think that other people’s life is better and we don’t have or experience enough. It takes a degree of scrutiny and objectivity to filter the glamour portrayed by others.

For some, it breeds…

Mindfulness should be taught from a young age in school — 4774344sean/Thinkstock

I grew up trying to put my best effort into school, given my capacity. It stems from not wanting to regret that “if I could have prepared better, I would get better results”. All in or all out, and nothing in between.

Sure maybe to some, it sounds ambitious, perfectionistic, or strong-willed. To be frank, it stems from certain insecurity, “if I don’t do well at school, I am not enough”.

Now I’ve learned to look at it differently. …

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How often does your mind wander? Why do we do it, and what is the cost?

Every human being will not be able to constantly fully pay attention to what you intend to pay attention to. We get distracted with our own voices in our heads, thinking about the past and how we could’ve done better. Or thinking about the future of making multiple scenarios on how we could do better.

In this age and time, we are so easily distracted by the overload of information, and technologies that are fighting for our attention. …

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For so long my life was unconsciously governed by a very noisy commentator. There is this voice in my head that sounded a lot like:

“You are not good enough”

“You are just lucky and not really capable”

“You should be doing something else”

At one point in my life, I thought I couldn’t control these thoughts. My low self-esteem and insecurity caused a downward spiral of anxiety and depression. Living with this inner critic is exhausting. It is limiting. It can also cause me to overwork and people-please. I decided it would no longer control my actions and decisions.

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I get anxious when I notice that my phone is low on battery and I’m mobile without access to a power plug. I feel that my phone is an extended limb or source of life in itself. I work, I message people, I listen to music, I hail and commute with my phone — just to name the view.

To be able to do all that, I need a working and charged phone. The more I use my phone without recharging, the battery level will deplete. Opening all these apps wouldn’t be as effective and efficient anymore.

The real question…

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The nature of today’s workplace is demanding. On a daily basis, we face external pressures that demand our attention. Tight deadlines, high stakes projects, difficult colleagues, a mounting to-do list. And to top all that, we face digital distractions everywhere. Attention overload from external demands, shrink our mental control and capability.

Stress in the workplace can cloud our judgment and decision-making ability, which leads to a downward spiral of your performance.

The reality is that our performance is often measured by results and a good ethical process. …

How we start our days influences how our day goes.

We tend to feel lethargic if we start of the day rushed; waking up late, aimlessly checking our phone for dopamine (feel good chemicals when we receive messages), multitasking, skipping breakfast, and experiencing traffic - one of my personal pet peeves.

Traffic is inevitable if you are living in a congested and overpopulated city like mine. People are rushing, honking, and sitting for a long time would make me very impatient.

But I learned that we can make a proactive choice to do something about it, or to continue react negatively — like every other thing in life.

What if (un)consciously hating our daily commute is not our only option?

A good friend once told me to…

Tsamara Fahrana

Tsamara is an ex-consultant who is (extremely) enthusiastic about meditation, wellness, yoga, cute cat videos, and social impact work.

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