How is XCOYNZ going to change the cryptocurrency exchange industry?

May it be a trading fee or transfer fee, almost all of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges are charging high amounts of fee which will disable us from maximizing our trading profits. But fret no further! XCOYNZ will give its users the freedom to set their own fee (Up to ZERO) when exchanging from crypto to fiat.

All about XCOYNZ

XCOYNZ the next Grand blockchain project! XCOYNZ is a super fast exchange that allow us to set our own fee so we will be able to set our own fees on trading. They offer this as one of the main solution to the problem of exchanging from fiat to crypto (vice versa) and crypto to crypto. This will be possible by creating a consolidated smart algorithm wallet also known as SAW — that can significantly decrease network fees and maximize profits.

XCOYNZ is also user-friendly! First you just need to register and validate. After that, if a user is going to transact for crypto-to-crypto then they just have to first select the desired crypto pair, the amount of which they want to exchange, and then just initiate the exchange. Same goes for exchanging fiat-to-crypto except for the last action that is to purchase using validated debit account or SEPA. For crypto-to-fiat transactions, a user must first select a crypto asset, deposit to their XCOYNZ SAW or to a private crypto asset wallet wherein for SAW users they can select available advanced features that will depend on their preference, and then withdraw to a registered bank account or SEPA, and/or withdraw to a third party account.


SAW or Smart Algorithm Wallet is the power tool of XCOYNZ exchange. It is a unique wallet that consolidates all of the users crypto asset addresses to a single XCOYNZ address. Another good thing is that it will be provided to users for free. It has a Smart Selection feature which will enable the user to reduce network fees via the suggestions of the Smart Algorithm that is based on the most cost-effective combination of crypto assets that are available on your SAW. The Smart Algorithm will also calculate the most profitable crypto assets that a user could use. It is also literally ‘smart’ because it identifies the current and previous crypto trends and indicates each of the assets performance. This will enable the user to consider Smart Algorithms suggestions as to which crypto should be kept short-term, mid-term, long-term. These exciting features are made possible by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence which most of us know that it can collect huge amount of information and learn based on actual human decisions, interactions, and actions in our world.

Further more, having a SAW plus XCNZ token gives the user the ability to ‘Set-Your-Own-Fee’ using the XCOYNZ native token, access to SAW advanced features, and unlock X-Swift transfers which are literally ‘swift’ and super fast.

We encourage you guys to look further into XCOYNZ and discover your own reasons how this platform will change the game for cryptocurrency exchange industry. C’mon and visit their website!



Bounty0x user: @tsarbomba

Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x