“stop with the crime spree” this is my new positive internal talking point for the day.

I love my state of South Carolina. it is Just Right. We have visitors who stop in for the hospitality and the Wal-Marts that dot the countryside. Like Chyanne and Phillip I imagine she calls him Phil.

Lets look at this story

Two teens who have known each other for three months and already are on a crime spree together. Things happen so fast during those teenage years. There was the truck chase which went into the woods, the dogs couldnt find them and even the helicopter guy was like.. Nope.. Nope.. we will have to wait for some security camera to spot them..

the sherif.. hoping to make some kind of connection some kind of sense of it all just and I quote from the story

The Grayson County sheriff is urging the teens to stop with the crime spree

There is also a geographic note that Manning is 60 miles southeast of Columbia.. South east is ok face the direction you are pretty sure the sun comes up in.. then turn to your left slightly.. and that .. that is southeast now South Carolina is kind of strange in that we are in the south but some parts are south easter than others. pretty much a lot of South Carolina is south east of Columbia and Manning is in that general area. I am sure without a doubt that they decided not to go to Myrtle Beach but are headed for Miami because its cold here this week.

I too would like to wish them to stop with the crime spree.

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