May 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Clapboards: Director’s Need

Clapboard may be the piece of equipment which in wooden in nature combined with the clap sticks mounted on it, which creates a sound of a clap signifying the inception of the task selected. denecke Clapperboards They are extensively used by directors while directing any sort of a relevant video, movie, stills, motion pictures and the like. It helps with the harmonization of picture and sound. There is a marking from the unambiguous takes and scenes around the board through the production. For e.g.: date, scene number, studio, take number, director’s name, production title and so on.

While playing any track on shooting sets the clap sound formed with this board with the aid of the clap sticks could be fluently acknowledged by anyone. The movement on the track can be synchronized with the aid of these sticks. Assigned task begins with the clap sound of this instrument. Two tracks can also be matched easily.

With the progress produced in the various fields there’s a progress made in this field too. This wooden system is an amalgamation of two things namely a clap stick and a chalk board. There is details about the production title, scene number, studio, director’s name written around the chalkboard.

Earlier there used to be a person allotted to hold that clapboard and that he was suppose to produce the clapping sound as per the directions of the director in order to start the work and the rest is automatically synchronized. Another person was appointed to exhibit the data from the scene number and the like. denecke Clapperboards And now work can be straightforwardly done simply by a single person.

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