My Alfred Workflows for Common Tasks

Several months ago, I found myself opening the same browser and Finder windows all too often and finally decided to automate a few to save time. Since I’m already a heavy user of Alfred for quick launching apps and folders, I decided to dig deeper into workflows to see what I could setup.

I thought it would be handy to have a roundup of my common actions in case it helps others and if nothing else, somewhere to point people to when needed.

Most of these are “Web & URL” workflows (as Alfred calls them) that simply opens a site in your default browser after typing a short code you assign. A few noted below with “{query}”accept additional parameters for something specific, like an email address or site. The Finder folder actions are all of the “Files & Apps” type. All can be found as presets under the + menu when adding a workflow in Alfred.

My Current Quick Commands

Email Sending Details

I’m trying to reduce how often I check my email to stay focused on my main tasks for the day, so I hate needing to open Inbox to send a quick message or follow-up. After a bit of hunting, I found that you can launch a compose window in Inbox with the URL “”, but you still see your email inbox when doing so. To avoid temptation, I’m using the Gmail address instead, which is full-screen and does not show your inbox: All you have to do in your Alfred workflow is attach “{query}” to the end to allow you to type “mail” to launch the email pre-filled with the address:{query}.

Save The Clicks

I’ve found using these saves tons of clicks per day as well as the added benefit of not needing to do as many repetitive actions like find a folder or open new tabs and type URLs constantly.

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