Forgiving you. Forgiving me.

I drank too much the night before. I woke up disoriented on your dorm room floor. The haunting images of the previous night, hazy but there, I felt a longing for flight. Your eyes filled with resentment as you stared into mine, I searched for something to save me but there was no sun left to shine.

We walked to the woods to ease our minds but all I could feel was you penetrating me from behind. I let it happen, I wanted to die. I was proud of myself for not letting out a cry. When you walked away, your chest in the air, the smirk on your face told me you did not care. You won the game, you showed me who was boss. You caused me more hurt. You left me feeling at loss.

At loss with myself, a piece of me gone. Worthless as hell, where did I go wrong? I’m learning to love each and every day, not only myself but the ones who left me feeling astray. I’m stronger now, than I ever was before. Watch out world, the damaged can handle more.