Do you want to join the fight against Amazon?

For the past year, Nick, Max and myself have been working on building what we see as the future of shopping. Elevator pitch, you ask? Alright;

We don’t understand why today it is easier to order something from a warehouse hundreds of miles away than locating that same product in a shop near you. That’s why NearSt is making the inventory of local shops searchable for nearby shoppers.

The challenge there is that most independent shops either use no system at all to manage their stock, or use a PC with Windows XP, looking like it might catch fire every second, with some unstructured Excel file or a very 1998-looking point of sale system as their primary inventory management tool.

And then there are the large high street chains, many of which that do offer click&collect, but it generally takes them at learst 4 hours from the point you click ‘Buy’ on their website to find out if they actually have the product in the shop and accept your order.

At NearSt, we’ve built a technology platform that works with almost any type of inventory management, and can put most shops online in front of mobile shoppers in less than 15 minutes.

It has been a great year, with lot’s of great challenges, goals reached, panic, happiness, pints, and stress about AWS auto scaling groups. The New York Times even talked about our tech:

NearSt is allowing stores to innovate on a more fundamental level: convenience.
New York Times, June 2016

But unfortunately I need to move on. A few months from now I’ll be starting my university studies in Amsterdam, and so we’re looking for a lead backend developer, someone that can accompany my great co-founders (and, by now, close friends) in the next chapter of supporting local communities, and allowing people to shop locally faster than online.

If you have slammed your head on the keyboard before, thereby creating an algorithm that cannot possibly be described in terms of the big O notation (🤕), and you are up for a new challenge, check out the job description and drop us a line.

Otherwise, I would really appreciate it if you would check out and let me know what you think!

Oh yes, and I’m going to miss London. 👻 No, I really will!