7 Ideas for successful B2B lead generation

The ultimate aim of any marketing campaign is to generate leads that will eventually turn out to be customers but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Remember that most of the decision makers running businesses today don’t want to be sold to. So, it is important to provide them with quality content in order to make them provide their information to you.

The basic step is to create content that your buyer persona will be interested in. The next step is to increase the visibility of your content by promoting digitally via channels like SEM, PRs, Display Advertising, Social Media, Workshops, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Webinars, etc. Finally, place your CTAs properly to capture leads.

By using some of the tested ideas mentioned below, you can improve the success of your B2B marketing campaigns.

1. Offer Demos

According to surveys, more than 50% of decision makers in business ventures prefer to try the product or service before deciding about purchasing it. So having a gated demo section in your website can increase the number of leads coming from your website.

2. Create Product Videos

Today, many people prefer to learn from videos than text content. Creating videos about your product or service increases the chances of a potential buyer giving you their contact details if they are interested in what you’re offering. There are apps like ViewBix that let you embed a CTA area in your video. If you are using mailchimp, you can add a mailchimp signup form to your video.

3. Provide freebies like eBooks

Almost everybody likes freebies and from a marketer’s point of view, it is very important to educate your buyer in order to establish trust and pre-qualify leads. Offering a gated freebie like an eBook that educates the reader increases the chances of an anonymous visitor giving their contact details in exchange for the valuable piece of information you’re providing them with. In addition, it also becomes easier for the sales team to sell when the lead is already quite educated about the value of your services and the market trends.

4. Have a single CTA

Hick’s law states that with every additional choice, the time required to take a decision also increases. It is vital to provide the user with less options in order to reduce the confusion. Providing the user with more than a single CTA doesn’t increase the chance of getting a lead but it instead reduces the chance. Having a single properly located CTA will result in a better conversion ratio.

5. Blogging

Another effective way to capture leads is by blogging as it’s value based and helps in establishing credibility. Putting together a proper blogging schedule, creating relevant content to pre-qualify leads, publishing articles on sites like medium and tumblr, and including the right CTA at the end of your article or at a proper place in your blog increases the conversion ratio.

6. Create Contests in Social Media

One of the most effective ways to engage your audience across social media is by creating contests. Email gated contests in facebook and twitter attracts your audience to get involved in the fun you create and the better part of it is that it can expand to the friends of your audience as well.

7. Optimizing your website for the right target persona

When all is said and done, it is important to get the basics right. Choose your target persona wisely, structure your website and create content that benefits your target persona. Keep updating the requirements of your target persona based on the analysis reports and optimize the website accordingly. This helps in creating joyful experience for most users who would happily give their contact details to you.

In a nutshell, people are going to give you their contact details only when they trust you. Their trust can be earned only when you provide them with valuable resources.

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