The first rule of pricing is: you do not talk about pricing
Tom Whitwell

This was such an interesting piece. Being a journalism student at Arizona State, paywalls and new revenue models for publishing companies have been at the forefront of conversation in nearly every class I’ve taken for the past four years. I think journalists would do well to read this as it seems to take a much more positive, upbeat perspective. Journalists tend to be cynical (at least in my experience) and are very discouraged by the fact that so many people are not willing to pay for the very difficult and time-consuming work of reporters. I particularly loved the part you mention about not asking, “Will people pay $X for this?” And instead asking, “What can we offer for $X?” That’s a fascinating way to frame the question. I’m currently working on launching an interactive digital magazine publication, and I have multiple revenue streams planned, one of which IS offering different price brackets, which provide different benefits. Now, after reading this, I want to think a bit more about the psychology behind the lowest and highest price points. Great piece!

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