Leaving ‘Animal Crossing’ Wasn’t a Hard Decision, But Painful Nonetheless
Gabriel Cavalcanti

I happen to know Glinda (“unicormfarts”) quite well from another community. So let me be the first to tell you: Your story is quite sad, but not because she “bullied” you. It’s sad that you are so petty as to have felt the need to write this lengthy, incredibly entitled and whiny essay about your hurt feelings. I note you mentioned in that subreddit that you’re 24 and “have nothing to [your] name”; it seems that we’re the same age, but you’re far less mature. Perhaps the reason you have nothing to your name (it’s not, as you imply, your age; I have plenty to my name) is that you provide no value to anyone, because your petulance and sense of entitlement prevent you from accepting when you are at fault. You characterise the issue as “the world’s unfair”, but the only one being unfair is you. The level of hollow self-importance — masking, it would seem, a deep and probably accurate sense of inferiority — in your post is almost beyond description. I can only hope that you come to feel an overwhelming shame over your ridiculous, childish behaviour, so that you might be able to grow from the experience and act like a proper, worthwhile person in the future. Until that time, you are simply pathetic, and I am — as are all the grown-ups in the room — tremendously disappointed in you.