The Death of A Bauhinia — When the clock in Hong Kong strikes twelve

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Internet users flood images of dying bauhinia to mourn Hong Kong’s death with the amendment of the extradition law.

A lot of people think that the amendment of the extradition bill of Hong Kong is nothing special but simple, where a number of countries did sign an extradition bill with China.

Yet, the current autonomy of Hong Kong seems to rely on that. In fact, it is seen as one of the many things that China intervened Hong Kong into integrating into the strategic route of the country.

Regardless of what China wants from this, the amendment devastates Hong Kong because it deprived the most important thing that stands out in the world — a distance from China, next to China. The new amendment stands against everything that the ancestors of the majority of Hongkongers that had come from China, seeking peace from the civil war and distance from the communist party.

The Hong Kong Handover in 1997

Now, after just 20 years of the handover, everything had changed. Changes seem little at first, CEPA — troubling mainland tourist, High-speed rail — the Joint immigration which allows China law enforcement to control a part of Hong Kong in the middle of the city, the HZMB. All pointing towards a closer connection with China.

I am not saying a closer connection with China is a bad thing, but it is definitely not a good thing. Especially, when we thought at first, with our position, could be a model for China to change to become more lenient in democracy. Now, it is everything but that, with the crisis in Xinjiang and tons of examples that shows China is not a keeper, but a liar. Today, we are bearly holding on from the hands of tyrants.

The distance is getting more important than ever, it is not only what we stand for, it is also what we proud of, what we made of and what we live for. Hong Kong is getting less Hong Kong every second we speak.

What has left?

Which brought us back to the topic — the amendment — linking us directly to law enforcement to a regime where most of our ancestors had fled.

What makes this bill so different from any criminals in other regions getting extradite to China is because the distance that we had with China is closer than ever before, but we are a bigger threat — at least voice like this — to the government with one of the worse human right records in the entire world. Our leaders currently though are elected, the process more or less reassembles appointed by the Central government.

Our government are so pro-China today that only would listen to Beijing, which they should be listening to the people, could not make any decisions to protect Hong Kong people and Hong Kong when it goes against Beijing. This is the reason for the fear that has risen with the amendment.

The Hong Kong Basic Law

We, Hongkongers are promised a 50-year autonomy from the Basic Law and the Sino-British Declaration where not a single sovereignty country cares about these two documents, including the ones who wrote it — China and Britain.

Holding the two pieces of worthless paper, Hongkongers are desperate. This is why they protest, peacefully. Before the clock strikes twelve — before Hong Kong was officially renounced.

Never give up, Hong Kong.


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