What does persona mean? (In IXD terminology)

  • A persona is the physical and emotional makeup of a being. In IXD it is your person of interest within research. Calculating personal preferences and information (way of life) you are able to use a persona to create a targeted experience or product.

Sharon here is my person of interest for instance. A well seasoned cook and a great care taker. She enjoys cooking to the fullest, even shopping at the grocery store. If we were to put this sweet lady into a grocery store that worked off the basis of a digital interface via shopping cart (smart cart), how would she react?

Well… By observing her persona sheet, we would infer that she is accustomed to the most up-to-date iOS software on her smart phone and Mac products. Thus, she most likely would have the patience at her age to engage with such an interface.

But what about older people who haven’t the patience for recent or even future technology? Simplicity. Creating an experience for all ages and technological knowledge is a key factor in renovating any advance. Therefore, in order to shape such an experience a persona is needed.