Welcome to Technology Staffing Group SA (TSG)

Technology Staffing Group SA
2 min readJul 24, 2022

Our staffing division has thrived within the MNK Group SA ecosystem for many years. Since March 2022, we have successfully reached multiple milestones ahead of schedule. Hence, we have started a study to evaluate a strategic regrouping of all our staffing brands within one new company: Technology Staffing Group SA.

We looked at the pros and cons and decided to go for it.

Here is why.

Some of the (many) advantages

  • More clarity
  • More transparency
  • More substantial firepower (for the whole team) for growth
  • We start this adventure with amazing assets! 34 brands that all specialize in the niche of staffing in the technology field (thus the name)
  • We are quickly growing, and we want to continue to grow sustainably.
  • We want to hire more talented programmers to serve our prestigious clients.
  • We want to solidify our footprint in Europe and within the industry. We actively seek to acquire and/or strategically partner within the industry.
  • Everything will become more straightforward, and we will ensure to keep it this way!

Any change for clients/staff?

No. None. Nada.

“But I knew XYZ brand under “MNK Group SA”! Will the service stay the same?”

YES! MNK Group SA wholly owns Technology Staffing Group SA. We are regrouping all our staffing brands and the staff that goes with it. So fear not; whether you are one of our staff members, clients, partners, or vendors, we will take care of you the same sweet way as before. And our aim over the next 12 months is to be able even to increase our support staff bandwidth to be able to handle even more key accounts.

Some of our plans until the end of 2022

  • Migrate all our email addresses from @mnkgroup.ch to @tsgcorp.ch
  • Complete the regrouping of all the staffing brands by the end of Summer 2022
  • By September, we plan to sharpen our internal processes to be able to grow faster yet with sustainability
  • Simplify onboarding of new clients
  • Simplify onboarding of new staff
  • Hire more programmers and engineers (at least ~25–50)
  • To prepare MNK Group SA to be a pure family-owned holding company.