If you think about it,


Ideally the image of the world causes a blonder,

A model of the most unsteady in a steady manner

Write. it on a banner, let it dry

Like dye and fly into my third eye.

Expand your horizon over the high inns.

If a tree can coexist, emergency exit, escape to the Cape and understand your existence.

Bounded by the same confusion like most, Mother Universe cleanse us of this curse.

Fuck *,

Cassing and loving, let the fusion begin.

I have a confession,

I Played outside my mind after dark,

And my emptiness filled over the usual mark.

Nothing seems to give me the security, my thoughts crashed over the idea of celebrity, wait, for clarity this bravery I picked up smoking in therapy. The density. Ethically ive faded off beyond hope in a hole with no rope. Mythical creatures keep me in their vision, my sense of vision, it is that collision that identifies my life who sits in my mind placed on the south side. It’s just my life in the south.


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