Asynchronous Wit

So I had a thought while staring at my screen, rummaging for and pulling the latest chip from a packet of Lays. Probably our grandest assumption in thinking so far is that we believe we have sufficient capacity to identify and crunch the set of probably-correct decisions we can make about a situation with many variables. In particular, that our efforts are in any way significantly distinguishable from the efforts of a child, or really from anyone less-experienced and dumber.

For example, how much better-reasoned is my decision to eat that chip now or talk to that girl later than the same decision from a dumber, less experienced version of myself? Honestly, there’s probably a much better course of action that I’m just too dumb to quickly think of. I’m just not Sherlock enough to deduce and consider all the variables on-the-fly… I think the solution is Sherlock-ing it asynchronously, in my own time and with epistemological rigor/virtue contesting even that afforded by on-the-fly context. So I ate that chip.